Friday, May 15, 2015


The garden centers are full of all types of plants at this time of year.  Spring and Fall are the best times usually to plant things.  Do you want to know how to have a beautiful garden?  How about a low-maintenance garden? Are you interested in growing your own fruits and vegetables?  Find the perfect book at the library.  Here are just a few of our titles:

Choose plants that self-sow and spread by their roots.  This can be a big savings for gardeners.

"The Urban Gardener" by Matt James


"Edible Perennial Gardening" by Anni Kelsey

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Learn how to grow vegetables that don't have to be replanted every year.  These plants are low-maintenance and once planted require little care.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Librarians across the country have chosen these as their favorite books for May.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Who chooses the titles of novels?  Is it the author, the editor or the publisher?  Who knows?  It seems that about the time the phenomenal hit "Gone Girl" was published there were many books with the word "gone" in the title.  Most of them are thrillers or mysteries. Here are some of them:


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Monday, April 20, 2015


Some readers find the True Crime genre very fascinating.  What makes someone commit a heinous crime?  Is there something genetically wrong with the brains of violent criminals, or did something happen in their childhood to make them the way they are?

True Crime books are very popular and cover a wide range of crimes throughout history.  Here are some interesting choices:

"Did she kill him? : a torrid true story of adultery, arsenic, and murder in Victorian England" by Kate Colquhoun.

This is the story of a young American woman who meets and marries an older wealthy merchant from Liverpool.  Their fortunes change as both of them have gambling debts and lovers.  Find out what happens when the wife is accused of murder.  Colquhoun presents a good overview of Victorian society, the legal system and medical practices during that time.    

"Lying in Wait and Other True Cases" by Ann Rule.
Anne Rule is the queen of true crime writing.  She probably had a lot to do with making this a popular genre with her book about the serial killer, Ted Bundy, "The Stranger Beside Me." She actually knew Bundy.
In her latest book, "Lying in Wait and Other True Cases," she presents a collection of case files in Volume 17 of this series. 
Find these and other true crime books in the 364.1523 section or come to the Reference Desk for more suggestions.
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We have a lot of events planned for the month of May.  Come participate in one of our great programs that we have planned for adults, young adults and children!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The Top 10 Books that librarians across the country have chosen is shown below.  This list is published by Next Reads.

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